Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the E.R.

My poor Jack-a-Roo has been up the last two nights with massive stomach issues.
At first we thought maybe he was faking it or just being irritable.
Finally he told his stomach hurt but we figured it would just go away.  nope.
After the second night of being restless and crying and grabbing his stomach we decided maybe he needed a visit to the E.R.
My sweet husband graciously said he would take him so I could sleep.
So, at two in the morning he scooped Jack up and headed to everyones favorite place.
The E.R.
Three hours later they returned.  
The only conclusion was that it was probably stomach gas.
All Jason could say was that it was the saddest thing to have to watch his little 4 year old boy have to lay there while the nurses tried to take his blood and put his IV in. 
I could only imagine.
I am just thankful that it wasn't anything too serious like his appendix bursting or some weird freekish stomach virus or worse.
I wouldn't know what I would do without my little guy.


The Hall Family said...

Poor little guy. I am so glad it wasn't anything serious.

scott and lindsey said...

ahhhh, poor guy... I hope it went away soon for him. That is no fun ;( . Looks like they had for for Halloween though! What cute costumes!