Monday, November 10, 2008

projects and nesting

With 3 weeks left and counting (and hopefully less) 
the projects are piling up. I guess you could say I am keeping the husband busy.
Here's the list:

1. Moving the kids rooms downstairs. 
This includes painting, wainscoating, new baseboard, and new flooring.

2. Moving Jason's office upstairs...away from TOYS!
3. Cleaning out rooms and moving furniture.

4. Finishing painting baseboard upstairs from 2 years ago.

5. My everyday chores:  laundry, cleaning up toys, dishes, doing my office stuff...yikes.

6. Start and finish Christmas shopping.

7. Organize nursery after I move out Ava's stuff.

8. Make my office more suitable for me.

9.  Remind my husband how much I love him.

10.  For heavens sake, have this baby and decide on a name... poor girl.

**these are just to name a few.


Carolyn said...

sounds glorious. That gave me a headache just reading it... :(

Nunes Family said...

Girl, you have a lot on your plate! I hope everything goes well. I know how it is when a new baby is about to come time to clean move things around and get prepared.

The Hall Family said...

Busy Busy Deb! I feel tired just seeing everything you've gotta do. Jason better get crackin!! You know a pregnant lady shouldn't do too much, you are better off just to give the orders! :)

Lindsay Brummer said...

how is it that projects create themselves RIGHT before the baby comes? GOOD LUCK!