Wednesday, October 29, 2008

gaining a little confidence

Yesterday Jason and I were sitting on the couch talking while Jack was running around the room playing.  He happened to be throwing his shirt in the air and watching it fall.  Then, one time he threw it pretty high and it got stuck on a high shelf.  He instantly wanted one of us to get it down.  Much to my surprise, Jason tells him to climb up and get it himself.  Wait a minute, are you supposed to be telling your kids to climb up things in the house.  I guess so.  In this case, Jack who isn't very confident in these types of situations,  attempted several times to climb the cubby shelves and after a few tries, with a big smile on his face, achieved his goal. I guess gaining self assurance is worth the idea that now he probably thinks its okay to climb anything he wants in the house.  


Courtney said...

and the fact that now he can get to things you "put away" on high shelves because you don't want him to play with them!!

The Hall Family said...

Wow! That is pretty high. I am impressed,we will have to see what he climbs up next!