Wednesday, June 26, 2013

mexico: day 3.

our last day in mexico was pretty amazing.  we woke up and got all ready for church and when we got to the church we found it was stake conference so we decided to go souvenir shopping instead.  later, jason took me and the kids on a golf cart ride around the hood.  he showed us this "zoo" he found in the middle of nowhere which he called the rocky point zoo and it was really random.  there were baby pigs and donkeys and few other animals.  the kids thought it was pretty cool.  then we rode over to our favorite park and did some swinging and teeter-tottering and jonah tried out the monkey bars.  then we rode back to the house and had one last crab hunt.  they never get bored of finding crabs!  we had another great trip and even though it's hard to leave this place, we always look forward to the next time.  peace out mexico.

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