Monday, March 11, 2013

ragnar in polaroids.

ragnar | del sol.

jason and ran the ragnar relay here in arizona a couple of weeks ago.  i have done quite a few of these but never one with my husband (except for the one that we didn't finish because a kid got hit by car and they closed the race... we don't count that one).  our team was totally whack this year.  our name was fromotion, thus the giant afros on our heads which we ran in as well.  these races never seem to get old.  during the middle of the night (by middle of the night i mean 3 am), i can't believe that we are having to get out of the van to go run in the freezing cold dark but there we are, doing it.  it blows my mind why agree to do these things but then when it is all over, i am so glad i did.  once again, it was a blast and our team was hilarious which makes running 200 plus miles in the desert that much more worth it.

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