Thursday, March 14, 2013

my little 2 year old.

these past two years went by waaaay too fast.  words cannot express how much joy this little guy brings to my life each and every day.  he is so full of personality and is all boy.  he loves trains and cars and balls.  he would live outside if i let him.  in fact, one of his favorite words is outside.  he is obsessed with his "toons" which primarily consist of diego, team umizoomi, and bubble guppies.  he loves to make animal sounds.  he has a fit if he is wearing shoes and i try to take them off even when i am trying to lay him down for his nap.  sometimes i let him sleep with his shoes on because its not worth making him all upset.  his smile is so big and i am in love with his bluish grey eyes and long long eyelashes.  he's the only one in the family with blue eyes!  his brother and sisters love him so much, sometimes too much and he tries to push them away.  what can i say, we just can't get enough of jonah! he is the perfect (final) edition to our little family.  happy two years jonah!

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