Wednesday, February 6, 2013

pinewood derby | 2013.

pinewood derby.

first year in the derby and jack had the winning car.  jason, of course, waited until the night before and the morning of to do most of the car building but he seems to do his best work under pressure.  jack also put some of his own touches and suggestions into his car and was by his dad's side during the whole construction.  i was so proud of these two. my little dream team, as i like to call them.  the only problem is now jack is going to expect to win every year and that is not likely. i think we may of had some beginners luck on our side.  sometimes losing can be humbling and jack may need a lesson or two in that department.  so maybe a loss in the future might not be such a bad thing either.  although, i was glad that he had a good experience with it this year so next year he will be excited for it too.

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