Sunday, February 17, 2013

jonah, you are the cutest.

i can't believe this boy, sometimes.  he is my first kid to actually wear hat longer than 5 seconds.  some days he will wear it for hours.  it doesn't matter if he is outside playing, riding in the car or sitting and eating dinner (like he did in the pictures above).  he is getting to where he likes to have his picture taken too.  can you tell?

i start nursing school next week and these past couple of weeks it has hit me really hard that i won't be getting to spend as much time with my kids as i am used to.  especially time with jonah.  he is my baby and all my other kids got their mom up until it was time to send them off to preschool and regular school.  i feel a little guilty that i am robbing him of this time.  and it doesn't help when he does cute things like wear his knit pom pom hat all through dinner and then stops to pose for some pictures.  he melts my heart.  i just hope he knows how much i love him and how much i'm going to miss him while i am away at school and studying.

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