Monday, November 5, 2012

halloween 2012.

halloween 2012

darth vader, merida from brave, rapunzel in her wedding dress, and a max, who was very eager to get back to being king of the wild things. (he did not want his picture taken)

what a fun night!  it's so amusing watching my kids trick or treat at there different ages in life. for instance,  jack is always a good 3 houses ahead of everyone.  ava is somewhere in between wanting to keep up with jack but still not wanting to be too far from mom and dad.  eden is a good two houses behind everyone...(she likes to take her time and tell us how tired she is every few seconds).  and jonah is the cutest trick or treater of them all.  he would say trick or treat in his cute little baby talk, hold out his bag and then hold it again to see if he could score some extra candy and then wave and say "guy guy" as he walked away.  my heart would melt each time.

thank goodness, jason brought along his lazy-mobile for all those tired feet.  i think eden was the most thankful.  she would go to a house and then climb back on the golf cart and jason would drive five feet and she would climb back off to go to the next house.  that girl cracks me up.

our halloween was a great one and we are now ready for some... christmas music!  okay, maybe in a couple of weeks.  i'm not going to jump the gun that soon :)  (although, i'm sure there are some crazies out there who are.)

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