Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ward campout and ava's birthday.

i'm not sure going camping with the ward was what ava had in mind when it came to celebrating her 6th birthday but she was a good sport and went along with it.  i think getting picked up from school early and being surprised with new brave doll and horse helped a little bit.

this last weekend, we did head northeastish to go camping with our ward (church group) and i was really looking forward to some fresh air and cooler weather.  we got to pull out the hoodies, warm socks, and one piece jammies.  however, i was not prepared for the freezing cold sleepless night. freezing.  i was reminded at two in the morning as my 18month old was puking on my husband from gagging on his own mucous why camping isn't my favorite.  he was very congested and it hit me that we could never live in high altitudes.  our kids can't breath and their cheeks turn bright red from heat rash.  no bueno.

with my thoughts aside, the kids did enjoy themselves immensely.  they found tree forts to play in, collected rocks and wild flowers, jonah became besties with the sticks, and i think jack may have had four s'mores in a matter of 10 minutes.

there was this cute little lake right down the way from our campsite where all the kids (and parents too) made some homemade fishing rods (sticks and fishing line) and with some scraps of bacon, fished themselves some crawdads.  it was endless fun.

i can't complain too much.  there is nothing that compares to sitting around a camp fire and taking in the beauty of the outdoors that's all around you.  and, i can't forget about the yummy shish kabobs we had for dinner! d-lish :)

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