Wednesday, February 15, 2012

dunkin donuts

saturday mornings have been a little crazy these past couple of weeks. ava has ballet and jack has karate which means jason and i have to divide and conquer. he takes jack (and the other kiddos) while i take ava. however, this past saturday, after all our running around, we met up for a mid morning my most favorite donut place ever....dunkin' donuts. it reminds me of my days back east. we would eat at DD's a lot! and they have gazillion of them. i really wish i could say that my favorite donut place was some original hole in the wall of a place but i do live in arizona and we do lack originality. so, until someone comes along and opens up their very own delicious donut shop, dunkin' donuts will remain the favorite. (and i think we may have started a new little saturday tradition.)

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