Thursday, February 16, 2012

a birthday for jason

my favorite person in the whole world celebrated his birthday last sunday.
it started off with breakfast in bed.
we went to church and when we got home i baked him a brownie cake.
(brownies are his favorite.)
i was really trying to make it his day but somehow i laid down for a second and fell asleep.
i felt so bad.
here i am, supposed to be giving my husband the best day ever, and i'm sleeping.
and he let me.
he is kinda the greatest guy ever.
that night i cooked him one of his favorite dinners, and then we sang and chowed down and brownies and ice cream.
he finished off the night lying on the couch with the kids watching "how the grinch stole christmas".

i was so glad that jason's birthday was on a sunday because i was able to spend the whole entire day with him and got to tell him every 10 seconds.... "happy birthday!".

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