Monday, December 12, 2011

it's my birthday (yesterday) and free food

(my free breakfast and dinner)

it' true. i celebrated another birthday. so, if you are wondering, that makes me a 31 year old. it's so crazy to think that i am that old. i still think i am a teenager in high school who just watches a bunch of kids everyday and waits for her boyfriend to get home from work so they can hang out and stuff. one day i will realize that none of that is so and that i am really this old woman who pretends she is a lot younger than she is. but until then, i will just continue living in my own little dream world.

however, one benefit to celebrating a birthday here in gilbert, az is the free food from our very own joe's farm grill (also associated with joe's real bbq and liberty market). all three of these unique little eateries give you a free $10 meal on your birthday. and if you play it right (and have a stomach the size of a dinosaur) you could get a total of 9 meals free (and counting if you go back for dessert or something). i'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to work but, nobody is telling you you can't. hmmm. so, if you are celebrating your birthday and you live you here and you didn't already know about this, head on over to joe's and get your free meal(s).

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The Phelps said...

Happy Birthday Deb!!! We love going to Joe's on our Bdays too! You look great and your growing family is adorable. Crazy how fast time flys! Can't even remember how bad it was back in the dorms at Bridgeport!!!! Miss you...hope you had a great birthday!