Thursday, December 8, 2011

9 month old jonah

dear jonah,
it's crazy to think you are already 9 months old.
that means you have been out of my belly as long as you were in my belly.
you are such a sweet baby and i get excited each day knowing i get to hang out with you.
you love playing with your brother and sisters.
you love seeing your dad come in through the door and hearing his voice when he gets home from work.
a big smile appears on your face.
you have the prettiest blue eyes and the longest lashes.
most girls are jealous of you because of this.
you are crawling around now and love to explore your house from a whole new perspective.
more like a hands on perspective.
you love big people food and hate formula.
your favorites are cheerios, gold fish, fruit loops and gerber puffs.
anyways, i just wanted to let you know that you are are such a joy to have around and i can already tell you are going to be quite the charmer.

your mommy

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