Thursday, October 20, 2011

fall break-e

we vacationed in mexico for fall break.
surprise, surprise. (it probably always seems like we are going to mexico)
but, this time was different.
we did mexico resort style.
which was awesome and amazing and super relaxing.

thanks to our awesome friends (adam and carolyn) who invited us but then left early cause their sweet baby fell off the bed and hit his head on the tile floor (ouchie) and since nobody wants to take their kid to a mexican hospital.... back to az they went.
luckily, they have awesome parents who were willing to still hang out with us and didn't make us feel like we were then imposing on their vacay :)

no trip to mexico is complete without an ice cream from thrify's. ,.÷
playdoh creations on the patio which got everywhere and was whole lot of fun to clean up.
no, it really wasn't.

we did everything you would normally do on a beachy/pool vacation just with a mexican flare
(think hair braiding and pool aerobic instructors tweeting a whistle every 5 seconds followed by their signature chant: ooah ooah..... oh, and of course lots of mexican food.)

unfortunately, our vacationado had to come to an end but not without chowing down on some fresh tortillas at the border.

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