Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a night at the ballpark

friday night
diamondbacks vs giants
playoff clincher

we went to the diamondbacks game this last weekend.
we took the transit system and it was unbelievably crowded.
i had no idea that that many people used that thing.
people were everywhere.
jonah cried the whole time. (45 min)
he decided to cut four teeth at one time and was spiking fevers.
when we got into the ball park it was just like the transit: unbelievably crowded.
it was a sold out game.
i have never been to a sold out diamondbacks game.
i didn't know it could sell out minus when they were in the world series.
but this was not the world series.
just a playoff clincher.
our seats were close, to the outfield that is but still cool.
(thanks dad for getting the seats.)
jonah still cried most the time.
our kids didn't sit still for not even a minute.
we must have made 50 trips to the bathroom.
eden wouldn't wear her shoes (which is pretty normal, even in public)
from the 20 minutes of what i saw, it seemed to be a good game.
they won but we booked it out of there before we could see them win in order to make a less crowded train home. (and our kids were being horrible)
we were literally running for our lives to make the train and we did... by seconds.
jonah cried the whole time, again.
but at least this time our family was together and we weren't all smashed up against perfect strangers.
(just in case you were wondering what it would be like to take 4 kids, 7 and under to a baseball game.)

what can i say?, good times.
it's always an adventure whenever we go further than 50 ft from our house.

(ava staring out the window while jack plays games on jason's phone)

the end to that adventure.

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