Friday, August 12, 2011

life's a beach

newport beach,ca 2011.

our annual trip to the beach started out with a 7 hour turned 11 hour car ride when we were held up for four hours somewhere in between blythe and indio,ca due to a semi carrying hay going up in flames.
the kids had fun climbing all around the car, building forts (yes, in side the car), drawing pictures and holding them up to the window for the semi drivers to see, watching movies, and, at last, sleeping.

jason trying to find an alternative route but no such luck.
we arrived at 1 in the morning.

the beach.

jason putting on a juggling show for the girls.

(hannah, jack, aubrie, kayday, and david)
we celebrated 5 birthdays that all happen to fall within a couple weeks of each other.

lifeguard stand jumping.

my sweet sweet jonah boy.

playing dsi's with cousins was a big part of this trip.
some days i had to force jack to go out to the beach.

digging holes in the sand.
speaking of digging holes in the sand, about 20 minutes after this picture was taken,
a 17 year old boy about 10 blocks down from us, was digging holes and tunnels in the sand with his friends when the sand collapsed on him while he was in one of the tunnels.
he was under the sand for 26 min and survived.
(maybe you saw it on the Today show)
it was a huge story and we were there.
ava and dani were even on t.v. for a split second.
moral of the story: don't dig tunnels in the sand and then go in them. duh.

jonah enjoying the sand and sunshine.
all the cousins.
riding the ferry to balboa island for the delicious and famous frozen bananas.


bike riding
bean bag throwing game
the two drunk guys who broke into our house at 2am looking for a place to crash
shark week
balboa island scavenger hunt
frozen bananas
morning runs on the boardwalk
the frigid ocean water
hanging out with family

the end.

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