Wednesday, August 17, 2011

first week of school

first day of school.

1st grade
ms. matthew

2nd year pre-school
ms. sheri


3rd day of school.

jack's 7th birthday.

(jack's favorite: banana cake)

the first week of school is always crazy for me. not only do i have to make sure all the school supplies are bought and ready to go but i also have to plan birthday party. (whatever happened to starting to school after labor day? dumb year round school.) i can always start to breathe again once the second week of school rolls around.

it's hard to believe my first born is already 7. in just a short year, he will be getting baptized. that is so crazy. now i know what parents mean when they say their kids grow up too fast. i wish i could start freezing time. jack is such a sweet boy (minus when he is playing toontown) and i love him to pieces. he is so smart and is great at carrying on a conversation with just about anyone. people can't believe he's only seven. i love that he still has the same chubby cheeks and squinty eyes from 7 years ago. it reminds me of my baby boy. he is my little buddy and forever will be. Happy one more year jack.

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