Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the last hoo-rah

we decided to squeeze one more summer vacay in before school starts.
so off to newport beach, california we went (minus the husband who had to stay home and work)
i went with my family and my sister danielle who flew in from boston.
it was so nice for all the "daley" cousins to be together and get to hang out
on the beach for a whole week together.
we enjoyed the cooler weather, took night bike rides to balboa island for tasty frozen bananas and famous balboa bars, played on the beach, relaxed and for those who dared, played in the freezing cold waters of the pacific ocean.

little miss ava taking a ride on the ferry boat to balboa island.

eden manhandling her frozen banana with rainow sprinkles.

kayda, hannah, ava, danielle, aubrie.

ava showing off her bay watch moves.

eden. (a.k.a. maggie simpson)

jack riding the ferris wheel at the balbao fun zone.
rides are way more fun when your hands touch the sky.

the sand monster.

(david, lexi, sydney, aubrie, hannah, c.j., jack, ava, eden)

all the cousins.
some happy. some not so much. and some shivering.

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Cheryl said...

we were just there 2 weeks ago and did all those fun things! oh how we love NB & BI and the FZ! cute pics of cute kids :)