Wednesday, August 11, 2010

first day of kindergarten.... again.

jack had his first day of school. he thought kindergarten was so nice that he would try it twice! actually, that was his parents idea. if jack could, he would have skipped first and gone straight to second. but since i'm his mom, i get to make all those life changing decisions for him. or at least for now... while he is still young. if i can give any advice to future moms out there, i would say "don't have boys that will be born in august or july. shoot for september or october." it makes life a whole lot easier.

jack was sooooo excited.
the expression on his face says it all.


S and K said...

thanks for the advice that's about 5 years late!!! ;) He really does look excited! hahaha that kid cracks me up!

Kristin said...

Ha Ha! Was it a hassel to get the school to let him repeat? I had to go to a meeting with the principle and his K teacher and they came to the conclusion that yes, Parker could repeat. I think it'll be so good for them in the long run!