Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a stupid sugar bet

(say hello to my little friend)

i kind of downed one of these on sunday night.
everything but the last bite.
if i had eaten the last bite, that would have meant that i had eaten an entire ben and jerry's and that would be awful.
that's something like 1200 calories, but who's counting?
the reason i "almost" ate the whole thing is:
.1 s'mores is the most delicious ice cream ever (and for some reason it can only be found at a certain safeway. strange.)
2. i was loading up on sugar because my husband thinks i can't go a single day without sugar.
so, monday through friday, its no sugar for me.
that's the stupid bet.
yes, admit i love my sugar and i love to eat it too.
and i eat a lot of it.
but, if i really want to, i can say no to the sugar.
and so far so good.
it is only tuesday, but i am doing pretty dang good.
no headaches, shakes or massive cravings.
however, i do feel like something is missing in my life.
it's a little unsatisfying at the end of the day.
so, wish me luck.

{p.s. i never lose a bet}

1 comment:

Kaylani said...

that's the most terrible thing I've ever heard and i'm so sad for you. i would be missing half of me without sugar {actually not a bad idea now that i think of it. heehee} I am too stubborn to lose too. keep up the great work!