Tuesday, April 20, 2010

call me "crafty"

a lot of my friends sew and seem to make these wonderful creations.
(quilts, clothes, costumes, tie chairs, etc)
i do not sew.
so, with a lot of help from one of my expert sewing friends, i was able to make my girlies
some fun skirts to frolic in for the scorching hot summer that is fast approaching.

i have to say that i am quite proud of myself.
proud of myself for the sheer fact that they look like... skirts.

ava loves to wear them and pretend that she is this domestic mom who cooks in the kitchen
and takes care of her babies (a.k.a. eden).
don't know where that came from since:

1. i do not cook in the kitchen very often and
2. i don't usually wear skirts unless its for church on sunday.

maybe i should be taking some pointers from my 3 year old.
if i can sew, so can you.


Kara said...

i'm totally impressed!

Lindsay Brummer said...

so CUTE!!!!

Chelsea said...

WOW! love them! so cute:)

Carolyn said...

Eden's bangs are so emo.

I love her.

see you've gotta start somewhere! good job Deb :)