Monday, February 15, 2010

a valentinish birthday

jason has officially left the 20's and is venturing into the 30's!
it's kinda weird to think he is 30 now but he is.
so, for his birthday, i made him 30 cinnamon rolls.
ava helped.
eden did a little bit too. she helped me by playing in her favorite kitchen drawer.
she loves to throw everything out and then sit in it.
but it can occupy her for a long time cause she will do it over and over again.

in the middle of our cinnamon roll baking, i got a special delivery.
(a.k.a. jack getting home from school with a giant heart plastered to him.)
this kid rocks. and he makes me smile... a lot.
he was so excited from the days events and couldn't wait to tell me all about it.
so we took a short recess and examined each and every valentine he received.

....some time later, jason opened his birthday present.
he got what every 30 year old man needs.
a new power drill.
i think it makes them feel even more manly for some reason.

so, welcome to the thirties, babe.
sadly, i will be joining you in a short 10 months :(

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