Monday, January 25, 2010

the weather

last week it rained. and rained. and rained.
it was pretty amazing.
there is nothing like a good three days straight of raining in arizona.
it rained so much that i think we already surpassed our rain totals for the whole year of 2009.
its going to be a good year.

jack and ava appropriately requested some hot chocolate to go along with their rainy week.
its not very often that we get to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate living in arizona.
but this week was a little taste of winter.

and to top it off, we even had tornado warnings.
i don't even think us zonans even know what a tornado is.
perhaps its lots of wind that blows all of the trees down on your street and scares your babysitter so much that she cancels on you right before you head out the door to hit a temple session on ward temple night.

that satan works in mysterious ways.
but we showed him and still managed to scrounge up a babysitter in seconds and drive through pouring rain and large gusts of winds to make it all happen.

however, we sure are enjoying the weather.


Courtney said...

I actually laughed when I was watching the news and they told those near the tornado to get in their bathtubs with pillows and mattrasses around them! We loved the rain too!

S and K said...

Well it was a pretty memorable ward temple night...highlight is the 'run for the freezer' man at D.Q.! ;)