Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the light rail experience

last night, we went on a little adventure. 
 that is, we rode the light rail into phoenix.
we ate some yummy mexican food and a lot of it.
a lot of chips and salsa, mostly.

then, we hopped back on the train, and rode back into the east valley. 
the kids had fun watching all the "different kinds" of people come aboard.
which includes the two cross dressers who were extremely weird.
but then again, i don't think i know of any cross dressers who aren't weird.

my sister kayda and ava.

jack, jeremy, kayda.

my parents.

my younger brother garrett, my sister meghan, and eden.
(and some poor shmuch who's trying to study.)

it was grand old time.


The Hall Family said...

Love getting to see the pics of your family! I haven't ventured out to ride the light rail yet but it looks like an adventure. Maybe I can ride it when it reaches Casa Grande :)

lindsey said...

i still need to try this out! Looks like an adventure!