Monday, June 22, 2009


i was so lucky to grow up with a super duper dad who i looked up to and still admire to this day. i was also soooo lucky to marry the sweetest guy ever who loves his children to pieces. he basically is the best dad. jack and ava wait all day for him to get home from work and eden's face lights up when he walks through the door. he feels the same way. he can't wait to be home playing with his kids. we so love you daddy-o.

this year i decided to make jason a book with pictures of him and the kids from the past year. i stayed up until after midnight making it so he would have it in the morning while eating his breakfast in bed. well, i was so tired from staying up so late that i didn't hear eden crying in the morning. jason did and he still got up with her and let me sleep. i felt so bad but like i said i am the luckiest girl out there. he will still get up with the kids even on father's day when i am supposed to be treating him like a king.

what a guy.

so by the time i rolled out of bed, i apologized for the lack of love on father's day and told him how much i appreciated him and gave him the father's day book that had kept me up all night (along with baking the homemade breakfast cinnamon rolls that never made it to his bedside).

here it is:

jack had made him a special card with drawings and all. inside were two tickets to the movies for him and his dad. he is so excited to take his dad out on the town.
(and husband).

(**the moral of this story is...  don't procrastinate on making your father's day gift, that way  you can wake up and   greet your husband with a delicious breakfast in bed.)

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Kristin said...

That book is too cute! I want to copy you, next year anyways!