Monday, June 15, 2009

booby trap

apparently, this is supposed to stop "bad guys" from coming into our house. while i was working hard, as i do, on my computer, jack was working hard, at what he does...  making booby traps. 

when i came upstairs and looked out our kitchen window, this is what i found. some q-tips, some left over milk from the breakfast cereal, some left over cereal, and of course, a whole banana smooshed on the driveway. i guess a bad guy is going to slip and fall and never be able to recover to crawl up through our window. 

who needs a security system when you have jack's booby traps to keep you safe.


The Hall Family said...

Ha ha!! Too cute, I am gonna have to be careful the next time i come over.

Kristin said...

HA! That is so gross and so hillarious! Has he seen Home Alone?!

Deborah said...

home alone 1 and 2! they are pretty much his favorite movies. actually, i think ava even likes them more.

S and K said...

Well at least he is 'protecting' you in the name of making a mess!! That kid, so cute, so creative!