Monday, March 9, 2009

delivery boy

jack likes to pretend.
lately, he likes to pretend that he is a delivery man
who delivers flowers to the neighbors doorsteps.
ava is his assistant and she does whatever he says.

"ava, put the flower there."
"no, right there."
"good job, ava."
"okay, let's do the next house."
(said in an urgent tone of voice)

off to make another delivery.

taking a break from all those deliveries.


Carolyn said...

I love his blue collar dreams!...they sound better than Elyott's lofty goal of becoming a drive through attendant. Go on...reach for the stars children!

Jack is sweet...and Ava, even sweeter!

Nick C said...

Dear Delivery Boy, please come to my house and make a delivery of sweet flowers!!
I love Jack & Ava B :)