Thursday, December 19, 2013

eden's birthday!

eden's birthday kind of snuck up on us this year (although i knew it was coming all seem to remind you of those things like all the time).  but, being that she was born on the first of december and thanksgiving was soooo incredibly late this year, it was all of sudden here and so was december.  and not only was it eden's birthday but it was the first day of the arrival of our elf, charlie red.  he usually leaves her a birthday message along with a note for the other kids.  jack happened to note that our elf's handwriting looks somewhat similar to mine.  hmmmm.

we had a small birthday celebration for her in the afternoon after church.  we were saving most of the birthday fun for her party that she was having later in the week.  i got her some cupcakes which she wasn't very happy about because she said that she wanted a piece of cake instead. okaaaay.  but it was too late for that so she decided that would be alright if she went along with the whole blow out the candles and make a wish thing without her "piece of cake".  we got her some ariel jewelry which went over very well.  as you can see in the last pictures she is decked out in her ariel bling.  a crown, necklace, ring, and charm bracelet. ariel is her favorite these days and that's quite alright with me because she is probably one of my favorite princesses too ;)

happy 5 eden!  you keep us on our toes but we like it (well, sometimes).  you are so independent and confident and are quite funny.  i love watching you dance/twirl in the halls of our house, be so opinionated about the clothes you wear, and your sweet drawings of me and your family that you bring home from preschool almost everyday.  we love you to pieces, eden bear.

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