Sunday, October 13, 2013

newport beach | part 1.

newport beach 2013.

great ready folks because here comes a lot of pictures.  i am really trying to finish up our summer trips  and now that i have started a new semester of nursing school (and just ran a marathon) my delayed posts are even more delayed. ahhhhhhhh.

five days after we returned home from our long road trip, we were off again to our annual summer trip to the beach with family.  i had just enough time to do our laundry and repack our suitcases filled with swimsuits and sweaters.  that's the beauty of the beach....swimsuits by day, sweaters by night.  the most perfect weather.

these pictures are mostly from our first two days at newport beach.  as usual, we had lots of beach time and lots of bike rides.  we can never bike too much when we are at the beach whether it's to the newport pier or further on down the boardwalk to balboa island.  we can't get enough of those balboa bars and frozen bananas or our new favorite candy shop, balboa candy.  my children were literally like kids in candy store.

it was so good to be back at the beach and especially getting in some family time with the grandparents and cousins. (stay tuned, there's more!)

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