Monday, September 23, 2013

ava's seventh birthday.

ava turned seven over the weekend and i think she had pretty good day.  it started out with a pancake breakfast complete with a strawberry and banana smiley face.  from there it kind of went down hill because it was saturday which meant saturday chores had to be done.  she wasn't very happy that she had do to chores on her birthday but that toy room was a mess.  after a few hours of pleading with her and the siblings to clean up, the saturday chores were finally over and we could get back to celebrating.

after lunch, ava's request for the day was to go ice skating.  so, we pulled out some warmer clothes and headed over to the ice skating rink (which i am saving for another post).  let's just say everyone had the best time.  when we got home, we let ava open one of her presents.  it was a magic 8 ball.  she had been asking for one ever since she saw her friend's sadie's in wyoming.  later on, we went to her favorite mexican food restaurant, mi amigos, for dinner.  i think she likes the food but really she just likes the sombrero she gets to wear when they sing happy birthday to her.  back at home we finished off the night with cake and ice cream and another present.  it was girl legos and she already knew that since her little sister eden "accidentally" told her the day before.  note to self, don't take eden along when birthday present shopping.

i would say it was a perfect "ava" day except for the saturday chores part.  we are so happy that ava is a part of family.  she brings us much joy and is so easy going.  happy birthday sweet ava!!

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