Thursday, February 21, 2013

jason's birthday.

my husband has never been excited about birthdays and even claims that he forgets his birthday until i remind him the night before.  not sure about that one.  i, on the other hand, like to make a big deal about birthdays so i was feeling super bad when we had to spend my husbands birthday "night" at my nursing orientation which lasted 3 hours.  when it was over, we quickly sped out of there so he could at least get one of his free meals at the "joes" chains. (if you love in gilbert, you probably know what i am talking about.) we walked in the door with five minutes to spare before closing time.  then we rushed through our dinner so we could get back home to our kids who had been waiting all day to wish their dad a happy birthday and see him blow out his candle.  when we got home, we had to pull the kids out of their beds, who were lying awake waiting for our return, to sing a happy birthday song to their dad before the day was officially over.

not exactly how i wanted to celebrate my husband's birthday and i'm pretty sure that isn't how he wanted to spend it either but he would never let you know his true feelings because he's such a great guy and he puts everyone else's feelings first... even on his birthday!  (i think ending the day with, not one, but two of his favorite german chocolate cupcakes made up for all the low points from the rest of the day.)

happy birthday to my best friend and the sweetest man on earth.

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