Sunday, January 6, 2013

mexico in the winter | part 1.

the day after christmas, we (jason's brothers and sisters and their kids) all headed south of the border for a little family time in mexico.  the last time we went to mexico in the winter was when jack was probably one so i didn't remember what to expect at this time of year.  well, it was really cold and if riding motorcycles and quads isn't your thing, than there wasn't much else to do besides eat and chat.  it didn't help that jack was sick with high fevers the entire time and the hot water heater wasn't working so a nice warm shower was out of the question.  we made the best of it though, and i know my other three kids had a great time.  in fact, i hardly saw ava the whole time because she was always off on some adventure with her cousins.  and jonah, that boy loves things that go fast...quads, golf carts, motorcycles...he would beg anyone he could to give him a ride.  by beg, i mean throw himself to the ground and scream until he got a ride.  it got to be a little ridiculous.  there was still the typical activities of finding crabs and seashells, feeding the birds, playing in the sand and taking trips into town and trying out the local goods.  but, i have definitely decided that mexico is way better when the sun is shining and the weather is a bit warmer... stay tuned for part 2.

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