Wednesday, December 12, 2012

school christmas programs.


ava had her very first school singing program.  she was so fun to watch.  she sang all the songs and did all the actions and was very into it all.  afterwards, i got to go in her class and take a little peak at all the things she had been working on.  she showed me her little letter she wrote to santa and she was very proud of her work.  and so was i.  she is so studious and loves school.  really.  she gets mad if she has a half day or a day off.  kinda crazy.

jack's program was later that night and as usual, he acted as if he was bored out of his mind.  the kid cracks me up.  he will occasionally sing a word here or there and then he will scratch his nose and stretch a little and then just stand there and stare into the audience. i guess you could say that his program is fun to watch in its own special way.  when i went to pick him up from his teacher after the program was over, she told me that the principal asked if jack was feeling okay during the program and if he knew any of the words to the song.  i had to laugh because he was perfectly fine and then explain to her that jack does that during every performance.  she said she was surprised because during practice he sang all the songs and knew all the words.  huh.  welcome to the world of jack who says he wants to be an actor in movies but gets stage fright in school programs.

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