Wednesday, December 19, 2012

christmas card picture: take 1.

a couple of weeks back, when we took eden to the park for her birthday, we decided that we would try and take some pictures for our christmas card.  the scenery was great and the kids were dressed cute enough for a picture although a little stripe-y looking back, but hey, stripes are in, right?  well, we found out right away that jonah was in no mood for a group picture.  all he wanted was to run free and chase as many ducks as he could.  jack was trying to be helpful by trying to get jonah to sit still and look toward the camera.  this just made him even more mad and you can see how it all plays out by looking at the next series of pictures.  just look how jack's sweet face changes from happy to pain and sadness...

jonah used his only form of defense, his long sharp fingernails that his mom had neglected to cut, to attack jack's face in order to free himself from jack's kung fu grip.  poor jack.  i felt so bad.  he had a huge fingernail cut on the side of his cheek.  what's even crazier is that eden and ava acted as if they had no idea what had just happened.  ava just gets up and is like "ok, i'm done".  and jonah's facial expressions... priceless.

it's safe to say that we chose not use any of these photos for a christmas card.   although, i can't say we didn't think about it.  there is so much truth here and we really would be keeping it real.

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