Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a birthday party in the park.

for eden's birthday, we decided to spend the afternoon in the park.  we loaded everyone in the car, headed to the cupcake shop where we all picked out a birthday cupcake to share with eden and then it was off to freestone park.  and thank goodness arizona is known for its beautiful december weather because that is exactly what we got.  it made for a perfect day at the park.

when it came time to light eden's candles and sing her a little song, jonah had a little freak out session because he couldn't grab the cupcake right that very second.  luckily, it all went very fast and before he knew it, he was happy again with a cupcake in hand.  by the way, those cupcakes were some of the best we've had.  d-licious!  next, eden opened her presents and when she saw it was a princess castle she was very thrilled and insisted i put it together that very instant.  so, i did and the kids played princesses for a while, including my 8 year old boy, jack.  sometimes i wonder about that kid.  we finished off our little birthday celebration with some rides.  a train ride around the park, some old school ride-ons and the ferris wheel that all four of them wanted to ride on over and over and over again.  jonah was so cute to watch.  he had a big smirk on his face the whole time.  i think he thought he was such a big boy sitting there riding with his older brother.  very cute.

what a fun day we had celebrating with eden on her fourth birthday.  i can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing up!  she is definitely the class clown of the family and makes us laugh all the time.  she is very determined and independent.  she knows what she wants even though its not always what her mama wants (like, when she wants to pick out her own clothes and shoes that don't make any sense or when she wants to pour her own milk and then spills it all over). but i sure love her to pieces.  happy birthday, eden bear.

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