Tuesday, October 16, 2012

disneyland in the fall: part I.

ahhh disneyland... even happier in the fall (if that's possible).  the first day was a little rainy but that didn't stop us one bit.  in fact, it was a welcome change from our sunny warm arizona weather.  we got to pull out the sweaters and mouse ears and enjoy disneyland decked out with halloween everything.

our very first stop (after saying hi to our bestie, erin, of course) was the spooky haunted mansion which has been transformed into the nightmare before christmas.  this ride is a favorite during the halloween and christmas seasons.  especially because this movie is on replay at our house for like 3 months straight.  we love sally and jack skellington.  this just set the tone for the next couple of days and put us in the halloween spirit.  we were also so excited to have my sister kayda join us for our little fall trip.  it's always nice to have an extra helper around to push a stroller or give a piggy back ride or save a place in line.  we love you kayda!

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