Tuesday, September 18, 2012

my little helper.


we have been making a few changes around here and jonah has been quite the little helper. (even when we don't want him to be.)  i am trying to brighten up my home and since i don't get very much natural light, i have decided to remove the texture on my walls and give them a fresh look...with white.  yikes!  while i am loving it so far, i am very nervous to decorate with it.

like i said, jonah has been helping in any way he can.  the other night, jason and i weren't paying attention and before we knew it jonah had gotten into the paint and had it all over him.  he was quite proud of himself, i assure you.  we may have to start a new trend with the painted shirt look because that stuff is not coming out.  and who knows, maybe a career in painting is in this boy's future??

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teamBoo said...

Wahoo! look at you go!