Wednesday, September 12, 2012

lunch date with dad | polaroids.

we took a little trip out to scottsdale the other day to meet up with dad for lunch. (and to visit the only west elm in arizona.)  eden was so excited that she was going to get to eat lunch with her dad...on a weekday!  she picked the place which was surprising since all they had was hamburgers and she doesn't even like hamburgers all that much.  at least they had ketchup for jonah.  that's all that boy needs to keep him satisfied.  conveniently, there was a sweet tooth fairy right next door for our after lunch sweet cravings.  eden's eyes lit up when she saw all the cupcakes.  there were so many to choose from but she picked the one with the oreo sunflower on top.  it was just calling her name :)  i have a feeling lunch dates with dad are going to be occurring much more often.

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