Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the day jack got baptized.

jack was baptized on august 18, 2012 and it was such a lovely day.  so many friends and family came from near and far to support jack on his special day.  it was a really special moment to watch jack get baptized by his father who is such a great example and who honors his priesthood.  jack is so lucky to have an amazing father who could do this for him.  he is also lucky to have an amazing papa who confirmed him a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and gave him the gift of the holy ghost. (if you are really confused, go here.)  such a great day!

after the baptism, we had a little get together at our house with all of our friends and family.  jack wanted cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pie at his little baptism party but instead of pumpkin pie we went with some fruit.  i tried to explain to him that cinnamon rolls and pumpkin pie didn't really go together but he still didn't get it. (sugar and more sugar go together, right?)  he is such a funny kid and i am very proud of him and his choice to be baptized.

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