Monday, August 13, 2012

first day of school.

august 6, 2012
challenger basic school
ava: kindergarten - ms peluso
Jack: 2nd grade - ms burgess

so crazy that is already back to school time.  it's actually not that crazy.  the summer was starting to feel a little long at the end there.  what is crazy is that i have two kids at school all day.  i basically just lost half of my kids.  ava was super nervous on the first day but when she got home, she couldn't stop talking about how wonderful her day was and that she couldn't wait to back to school the following day.  for jack, it was just another day of another school year but i could tell he was slightly eager to get back to school.  i'm not going to lie, i was not in the least sad to see my kids go back to school (ok, maybe a tiny tiny bit).  they were ready and so was i.  i never understand those distraught moms who say they don't know how they are going to handle being away from their kid(s) for a whole 7 hours.  they either have angel children who never get bored or they don't have four kids who are 2 years apart (or they are lying??). whatever the reason, i am just thankful that my kids are back to school learning and being challenged and making new friends. it's a good thing.

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