Thursday, July 5, 2012

a cool and rainy fourth of july.

i have lived in arizona practically my whole life and i can't remember a fourth of july that had better weather than this one.  we woke up to overcast skies and by mid morning it was raining.  all the kids put on their swimsuits and ran out to the backyard.  they were running around as if it had been months since they had seen rain.  oh wait, i had been.  somehow our rain party turned into a family weed picking party that quickly turned into a competition to see who could gather the most weeds.  everything has to be a competition.

after they got sick of the backyard, they moved to the front yard where they picked some friends to join in the fun. they splashed in puddles, had some bike races, did some rain dances, and ran around being silly.  we had forgotten what it was like to be outside playing...during the day!  after the rain cleared up, the weather stayed cool (like low 80's which is unheard of here in the desert in july) and we lived outside for the day.  it was so wonderful.

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