Wednesday, May 23, 2012

new york city

i kind of sort of have a crush on new york city.  oh man, do i love that city.  we had the most amazing time walking the streets, eating some delicious food (shake shack-best burger ever), people watching, shopping without kids, and mostly just hanging with each other.  we also go to spend some time with our niece ashley who is living in new york right now.  lucky girl.  although, my most favorite thing we did was bike riding through central park.  that was, hands down, the coolest thing ever.  all the times i have been to new york, i have never been able to fully enjoy that beautiful park and i think i finally was able to see what i have been missing.  that bike ride just made me love new york even more.  the beautiful weather may have had a little something to do with it too.  this was the best 10th anniversary present ever.  we vowed to each other that on our 20th anniversary we would return back to the big city to celebrate another ten years together...(but i'm sure we will find an excuse to come back before then...we better!)

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