Thursday, April 5, 2012

general conference

general conference never happens quite the way i had hoped it would. in my little fantasy world, my kids would sit there quietly working on their packets they get from primary and me and jason would take in everything that is being spoken to us and the spirit would be so strong. in reality, it's pretty much utter chaos. kids running around everywhere, toys and random things are all over the floor, kids needing something every two seconds including help with their conference packets that are supposed to be keeping them busy so the parents can listen.... and the list goes on. my favorite is when jack asks me every two seconds what the talk is about and i have to keep replying to him that if you would just stop talking for a minute, i would actually have an answer for him. and then ava constantly saying, "this is boring". good times.

however, i'm very grateful for this time in my life and i know that down the road i will be begging for these kinds of days again. so, in the meantime, i always have the ensign to fall back on for those talks that i didn't get to hear the first time around :) (and though, i am complaining slightly, i still felt the spirit and heard some very wonderful messages.)

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