Friday, April 13, 2012

easter 2012

the kids woke up on saturday morning to find that the easter bunny had left some surprises in their easter baskets while they were sleeping. (i guess the easter bunny comes a day earlier in mexico??) they were all smiles as they rummaged through the baskets to see all the candy and trinkets that were left for them. then, they were off to find the eggs that the easter bunny had ever so carefully hid for them. it was such a fun morning searching for eggs on mexican turf.

the next day, easter sunday, we got all ready and went to sacrament at the nearby church. the entire thing was in spanish. my kids didn't understand why they had to go church since they wouldn't understand anything that was being said. i had to remind them that they don't listen when it's in english, so it really wouldn't matter what language it was in. however, i think they paid more attention to the spanish sacrament than they do at our home ward. i guess it was a novelty but such a great experience. and the people were so kind and welcoming. i'm very glad that we had the opportunity to attend. it was definitely an easter to remember.

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