Wednesday, March 7, 2012

jonah's birthday celebration

march 6, 2012
jonah is officially a one year old. he celebrated his birthday by demolishing a cupcake and opening a few presents. his siblings were there every step of the way, showing him how to blow out a candle to how to tear open wrapping paper. i don't know what we would do without all their helpful little bodies ;)

this past year went by way too fast. i wish i could put life into slow motion mode most of the time. since jonah will most likely be my last baby, i treasure the moments that much more. He is such a sweet baby with a smile always on his face. he loves to wave, make spitting sounds with his tongue, chew on things (including your finger), laugh, eat food, dance, clap his hands, ride in his push car outside and have playtime with his siblings. some of his favorites are books, stuffed animals, anything he can throw, bouncy balls, and the vacuum. now, if only we could get him to sleep through night, he might just be the perfect baby. happy birthday, jonah!

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