Thursday, March 1, 2012

joe's farm grill

the first day erin was here we took her out to lunch to one of our favorite restaurants that just so happens to be right here in our neighborhood. maybe you've heard of it...joe's farm grill. (it was highlighted on the food network) i guess you could say it's gilbert's tiny claim to fame. if you are from here and haven't tried it, do, it's very yummy. anyways, as we waited for our food, the kids entertained themselves by taking pictures while making funny faces. and to hold them over, they snacked on ketchup. my kids are kinda wierdos, but i love them to pieces :)

(if you are wondering why eden looks like she is wearing pajamas, it's because she is. sweet erin gifted my girls with them and eden couldn't wait until night to wear hers.)

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