Friday, February 3, 2012

we are building a fort today

friday's to do list:

wash the slip covers on the couch
*build a fort
go to the gym
go on a date with the husband
study for anatomy & physiology test

i decided that it was time to wash the covers on my couch cushions. with four kids, your couch starts to look pretty gross after while. we do have the no eating/drinking rule in the family room but it doesn't get enforced as often as it should. and i'm just not a very good rule enforcer to begin with. so, perhaps i need to work on that. anyways, as soon as ava and eden saw that a big pile of cushions where just laying there helpless on the floor they began playing on jumping on them. from there, it led to stacking cushions one on top of each other. and before you know it they were building a fort. it was pretty awesome.

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