Friday, January 6, 2012

it's over

{what my kitchen counter looks like when jack get's home from school. taken a few months back.}

my life of no schedules is over.
christmas break has officially ended (boo).
jack returned back to school yesterday.
this means that schedules, carpools, homework, making lunches, and getting up early (ugh) are back on.
and things like getting all the way to school to find out that jack has forgotten his backpack but remembered his nintendo dsi are going to happen.
and it did.
this morning.

it also means, that in a short week and a half, i will be returning to school myself (double ugh).
that's right. school. me.
i have two more classes to take before i begin nursing school in the fall.
{well that is the plan-i have been on wait list for almost two years now, so i should get in the fall}
needless to say, it's going to be a very interesting four months since i will be in school, ava in swimming and ballet, jack in karate, eden is swimming and jason working full time.
sometimes, i just like to make my life as complicated as possible....{and since i can't run marathons for now, i will find other ways to complicate it :)}

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