Wednesday, January 18, 2012

disneyland: part I

M*L*K weekend 2012
pre-warning: there are a lot of pictures ahead.
i tried to narrow them down as much as i could but i just love disneyland so much...(and my little family :))

we braved the long lines, the freezing rain, the meltdowns from lots of sugar and lack of sleep, the stroller pushing and the rides that kept breaking down. (i'm talking about you, pirates of the caribbean.)
but it didn't matter.
when we are disneyland, we can't help but smile.

jack was finally tall enough for indiana jones, ava was tall enough to ride splash mountain and others, big thunder mountain became a favorite, eden met her idol, best day ever (rapunzel), jonah got initiated with his first mouse ears, and the kids met a new friend, erin, who was the sweetest disney cast member ever.
(jack would also describe her as "pretty" and "hot".)

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